The Beautiful Gate

The Beautiful Gate

« The Beautiful gate »
There’s this story in the bible of the lame man who spend his days at the entrance of the Temple, precisely at the temple gate called “beautiful” doing nothing else but begging (Acts 3,2).Judging from biblical background and history, probably his infirmity could not permit him to go further than the gate into the inner court. That notwithstanding by reason of his location and connection to the “beautiful gate” one will expect or imagine him to naturally attract beauty into his life which unfortunately was not the case. God pronounced marriage to be an honorable thing meaning it is an institution of integrity and probity, still, men and women are afraid today to engage into this institution and some even regret being partakers of this Divine covenant. Like the beautiful gate, the plan of God is always beautiful, his purposes for us are always good (Jeremiah 29:11).Marriage is not the problem, Man is the problem! The institution of marriage is an original and beautiful concept, but a man who is lame of lack of knowledge will probably find it difficult to appraise and embrace it. Every blessing of God is locked up in a room and it is our duty to find the right keys to unlock the heavenly secrets to a happy and rewarding marriage. Peter and John told the lame man “silver and gold we do not have, but what we have we give unto you». The lame man was focused on his wants but God was focused on his needs…which empowered him to acquire his wants. Our solutions at times are not the way we see it but the way God wants us to perceive. Take courage today and embrace a new reasoning, a new path and see if greater achievements will not be evident in your relationship. God Bless!


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